To perform the EDA visualization gives a quick glance and understanding of independent variables. On further deep diving from univariate to multivariate analysis can be easily understood by visualization.

So here is the new library autoviz which gives an enhanced visualization experience in a few codes of lines.


!pip install…

Banks are key economy driver with respect to Country like India. Market fluctuates, peoples sentiments change and liquidity is impacted when RBI announces any results.

So as to have a healthy economy Risk with respect to finance and banking should be kept in check. Still many risk parameters are used…

The Question of What and why Clustering via Application of Clustering

A cluster can be defined as a collection of objects which are “similar” between them and are “dissimilar” to the objects belonging to other clusters.

Why Clustering?

  • To group similar objects / data points
  • To find homogeneous sets of customers
  • To segment the data in similar groups


  • Marketing : Customer Segmentation…

Jai Kushwaha

I am a 9yrs+ experienced Senior Consultant in Analytics and Model development with domain expertise in BFSI.

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